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15-Minute Virtual Yoga Classes – at least 10 per week LIVE, with a library of other classes including a new class each day. ($80/month value)


30-Minute Qigong Classes – recordings available on demand in the resource library ($80/month value)


Guided Meditation Library – With meditations ranging from 60-seconds to 30 minutes, you’ll find something that will work for you in our growing guided meditation library. ($7.50/month value)


Pranayama Breathwork Library – guided breathing exercises to help you manage your energy, stress, and release emotions. ($15/month value)


Journal Prompt Library with guidance to help you dive deeper (saves you time from trying to find the right prompt on the internet)


Digital Self-Care Packages emailed out to you once per week to help minimize decision fatigue and give yourself a little indulgent gift once a week. ($40/month value)



The Life Balance Program – your step-by-step guide to healing from burnout and start to build habits to prevent it from ever happening again. Time requirement: 10 minute video and accompanying worksheet or activity that will take 10 minutes maximum per week. ($397 value)


Yoga Asana Posture Breakdown Library – not sure which version of downward facing dog is right for you and your body? This library breaks down the intention of each posture and provides multiple different versions to help you find your best fit! ($99 value)


Members only discounts on workshops, courses, and other resources.

Recovering from burnout in the comfort of your own home

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